Trend Draft Beer Towers
Wide range of elegant and versatile towers, standard and custom made.  Made from high quality AISI 304 Stainless Steel, body diameters are  from 4-1/2" to 8" (114mm - 204mm). Single segment body can take maximum of 16 faucets  3" apart. Several segments can be assembled together to give any number of faucets. Double service configurations are also possible, allowing great number of faucets on a relatively small space.
Service openings and cover plates can be under faucets, on top or on the back of the tower, adding another flexlible design feature.
A choice of finishes is available: satin finish, polished, PVD tarnish free, gold, old copper and black. Powder coating with desired color is also available. All towers are glycol ready.
Pulsar pass thru Tee tower, 16 faucets. Stainless steel body 6-1/2"O.D. Mirror polished, PVD  tarnish free gold finish.
Pulsar Tee tower, 3 - 16 faucets. Brushed stainless steel body, 6"O.D.
Hyatt Gainey Ranch, Arizona, USA
Pulsar pass-thru double Tee tower, 22 faucets. Stainless body 6-1/2"O.D. satin finish. Deep Ellum,  Cambridge, USA
Alfa T tower, 3 - 16 faucets. Brushed stainless steel body, 6-1/2"O.D.
Pulsar brushed body and painted parts. Translucenst paint over brushed surface.
Meta T tower, 3 - 16 faucets. Brushed stainless steel body, 6-1/2"O.D.
Alfa T tower, 3 - 12 faucets. Brushed copper body, polished caps, 6"O.D.
Tera Tee tower, 2 - 6 faucets. Brushed stainless steel body,
Nova T tower, 3 - 16 faucets. Brushed stainless steel body, 6"O.D.
Alfa Draft Beer Tower
Alfa Copper Draft Beer Tower
Meta  Draft Beer Tower
Nova Draft Beer Tower
Pulsar 16 Faucetst Draft Beer Tower
Pulsar 22 Draft Beer Tower
Pulsar 5 Draft Beer Tower
Pulsar Color Draft Beer Tower
Tera Draft Beer Tower
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Trend Draft Beer Towers
Titan, custom made double serve draft beer tower. 20 + 20 faucets.
Double serve 40 faucets custom made draft beer tower Titan

Titan draft beer towers

Massive towers, with 8" legs, 6 5/8" body. Finely brushed, tarnish free old copper PVD plated stainless steel. Any number of faucets possible, many different configurations.

Pulsar draft beer towers

Pulsar Tee towers, single or double leg pass thru variant. Stainless steel body 6" O.D. Brushed, mirror polished, PVD  tarnish free gold finish, color powder coat.
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