Donau 5 Draft Beer Tower
Horn 3 Draft Beer Tower
Longhorn 10 Draft Beer Tower
Lucky Seven 7 Draft Beer Tower
Rhein 3 Draft Beer Tower
Energetic tubular De Luxe beer towers. SSteel polished or brushed, PVD gold or old copper finish. Body diameters range from 4"O.D., to 6"O.D. Material is high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, satin brushed, polished. Elbe, Rhein, Golden Gate, Donau offer unlimited configurations and dozens of faucets.
Elbe elbow towers swith flanges and six pair of acorn nuts. Diameters from 4" to 6". Finely brushed, polished, tarnish freee PVD gold or old copper plated finishes available.
Elbe 12 Draft Beer Tower
Elbe 16 faucets elbow tower 4-1/2"O.D. Polished, rings with 6 pairs of acorn nuts each.
Donau 3 beers plus two juices, elbow tower, 4-1/2"O.D. Polished, PVD gold finish.
Rhein 3 faucets elbow tower 4-1/2"O.D. Fine brushed finish.
Arch beer towers: Lucky Seven, Florenz, Horn and Longhorn offer from 2 to 16 faucets.
Lucky Seven, 7 faucets, polished finish.
Longhorn 10 faucets, 60 degrees elbow tower, 4-1/4”O.D.
Horn  3 faucets, 60 degrees elbow tower, 4-1/4”O.D.
Phase 3 faucets, 90 degrees elbow tower, 4-1/4”O.D.
Phase 3 Draft Beer Tower
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