Custom made draft beer towers made from old copper & shiny brass, stainless, chrome and colors. Minute details and ornaments made by skilled hands with the tools and skills almost forgotten, painstakingly fitted together. Steampunk draft towers straight from Victorian era.
Unlimited configurations and big designs, with dozens of faucets; some towers have hundreds of parts. Segments can be strung together for ulimited lenghts.
All are glycol ready as a  standard.
Another combination of elements for different look. Design elements from Berlin range can be used here for unlimited variations. Fine brushed copper, polished brass parts.
Cool Hand Luke s Steakhouse & Saloon
Hamburg 6 Copper Draft Beer Tower
Berlin 24 Copper Draft Beer Tower
Berlin 8 Copper Draft Beer Tower
Berlin 52 Dopper Draft Beer Tower
Berlin 10 Brass Draft Beer Tower
Frankfurt 6 Copper Draft Beer Tower
Berlin 14 Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower
Hamburg 6 Chrome Draft Beer Tower

Berlin Draft Beer Towers

Berlin 8 faucets. Brushed copper, polished brass. 6"O.D. copper body.
Colorado Central Station Hotel & Casino
Berlin 24 faucets. Hanging from ceilling on 5' long arms. Trunk line thru both outside arms.  Brushed copper, polished brass. 6"O.D.
Berlin 52 faucets, 13' long, 4 1/2' tall. Final assembly in our workshop, prior to shipping. With every part numbered and live Skype help the assembling in cutomer's place was a breeze.
Berlin 10 faucets. Hanging from soffit. Rich red brown copper patina, polished brass parts.
Berlin 10 faucets. Black powder coat, polished brass combination.
Berlin 14 faucets. Stainless steel and chrome plated brass parts make cool designs possible.
Yet another design base, that can be expanded in every sense: size, materials, finishes and elements.
Berlin 10 Copper Draft Beer Tower
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Steampunk copper and brass 30 faucets draft beer tower Bavaria
Premium Draft Beer Towers
Very versatile design, allowing unlimited combinations.
One of the biggest models we produce. This one has body 12" diameter, 100" long, 50" tall. All brass ornaments heavy cast brass parts. It's really heavy with some examples having over 400 lbs. Has 20 - 30 faucets but can be expanded to whatever number needed.
This has to be seen to really appreciate the size and the level of details.

Bavaria draft beer towers

Frankfurt Draft Beer Towers

Hamburg Draft Beer Towers

De Luxe
Multi Drinks
Premium Draft Beer Towers
Drip Trays